16 19 dating

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I don't want to have sec with him. I just want to like him and maybe go on dates? It's actually not illegal in all states. A 19 year old and a 16 year old is perfectly fine here, provided both parties consent. Started to fall for a co-worker who's 16 and I'm I'm pretty sure he is into me too. But I don't know what the rules or whatever are. Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. I'm 19 and he's Is that bad? What are the rules for this? Add Opinion. Xper 5. I said A. Look up your states consent laws though so you don't get into any problems!

For example, I'm in Louisiana and I'm My boyfriend is newly 17 and we can do whatever we want because the age of consent in Louisiana is Some states the age of consent is 16, some 17, and some Also, in most states you can date, kiss, hold hands, etc You just can't have sex or oral until they are the age of consent. Some states have like 2 year or 3 years clauses though, that say if the underage person does it with someone no more than 2 or 3 years older, there are no problems.

But, morally, I see nothing wrong being attracted and dating a younger guy. Is this still revelant? LexiPie Xper 6. There is nothing legally wrong age-wise with dating him though some people might think it strange for you to be dating a high school guyhowever, should your relationship become more physical, you need to be sure of the way the age of consent works in your area. On the the other hand, because you are coworkers, your employer may have rules about dating coworkers.

NatashaJ opinions shared on Dating topic. First where you live? Just a google search can be a big benefit to see in where you live.

16 19 dating

Do yourself a favour and stay friends for 2 more years. Just read the comments Too many teen fantasies up in here If you really 'like' him get to know him. This relationship could make him a decent guy or turn him into an asshole Personal experience depending on how you approach this. And on a side note; No, I don't care how many down vote this If you plan to be sexually intimate with him, read this first: www.

Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. MadameJulietta Xper 6. He sounds like a great guy, however know that it is illegal to become sexual with him for the next couple years. Good luck. Mesonfielde 2. If it is legal in your country, then go for it. If not, wait 2 years. PiuBelloAmante Yoda.

16 19 dating

No one cares cause a girl is the older one Now if it was a an older guy, he would have to worry about pissing the girl off, if he did that she could press all types of charges. JustinTheGreat opinions shared on Dating topic. Usually dating le to sex so i would wait till you're old enough.

16 19 dating

Ellarabbaa1 98 opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 6. Tf just be friends and search for a man girl we don't need to date boys especially when they're younger than us be moree matureee. Alexious opinions shared on Dating topic. If it was the other way around everyone would go ape shit. He'll feel lucky to be with you when I was his age I fantasized about older women a lot It's totally fine! It's only 3 years difference. I'm not sure what the law says but it doesn't matter, there are some stupid laws that are meant to be ignored. Depending on your state there is something called a Romeo and Juliet law that protects you in that situation.

Please be careful! I knew a girl your age who went to jail for "dating" a guy under It's illegal in all 50 states whether your male or female. Outofthegrey 1. Half your age plus seven, that's the rule. That would make it illegal, where I live. Ulyss opinions shared on Dating topic. Related myTakes. Show All. What I like the most about faith and religion and church. Some encouragement I got from God in a dream this week. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

16 19 dating

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Is a 19 year old dating a 16 year old legal