Breast or butt

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in. Is your boyfriend obsessed over breasts, or does your rear view drive him wild? The answer may not be obvious.

Breast or butt

In a recent Argentinean study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, men were asked whether they preferred breasts or buttocks on a woman. They were given visual tests to confirm their answer, which was nothing short of surprising: of those who expressed a preference, about 59 percent preferred buttocks, while only Between ethnicities, Latino men prefer buttocks more than men from other ethnic groups.

Of course, a large-scale clinical trial is needed to validate thesebut preliminary evidence suggests that males really do appreciate a shapely rear. As the study shows, women may benefit from improving the look of their buttocks and obtain a similar effect to wearing push-up bras and halter tops to accentuate their breasts. And the easiest way to achieve an appetizing butt is through exercise. Your buttocks are actually muscles, known as gluteus maximus, and they are the largest of the gluteal muscle group and the strongest muscle in the body.

This means that, unlike breasts — which are mainly fat and glandular tissue, so only surgery can ificantly enlarge them — you can build a shapelier rear with strength-training exercises. The best butt-building exercises, according to the American Council on Exerciseare squats. Other effective moves include lunges and step-ups, which simply involve climbing stairs or stepping up and down from a box or bench.

Exercise can be helpful, but it only goes so far in sculpting and lifting your butt. Your genes will determine the natural shape of your buttocks, as well as your ability to make them bigger and rounder.

Breast or butt

Ask your doctor about the Brazilian butt lift, which gives you an hourglass shape that many men find attractive. In a nutshell, a Brazilian butt lift involves removing unwanted fat from your abdomen and then transferring it to your buttocks.

Breast or butt

The result is a smaller waist and a fuller rear. Because your own fat is used, the look and feel more natural than silicone implants. Although this may sound like a complicated process, technology has greatly simplified the procedure. Whereas most plastic surgery used to involve general anesthesia—meaning you had to be put to sleep—you only need a local anesthetic to get a Brazilian butt lift. You may even be able to normal activities within two days. And even if your husband or boyfriend is in love with your upper body, he probably enjoys your rear view almost as much.

We can resort to exercise to help improve our appearance and stay in shape, but cosmetic procedures — picking up where physical activities leave off — can actually make a dramatic change. Justin YovinoM. Yovino is very experienced in aesthetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery. Get started. Open in app.

Breast or butt

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Breast or butt Breast or butt

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Breasts or Buttocks: What Do Men Really Prefer?