Can t even find a decent Jonquiere, Quebec

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My first sunset over the Saguenay River on the 48th parallel was enough to make me feel both welcomed and already at home in Quebec. Pinch me. If you have ideas to add, please put them in the comments!

Can t even find a decent Jonquiere, Quebec

Lawrence River. It has a unique history and is the only province in Canada with French as its sole official language. Yes, you can drive from the US right to Quebec City and beyond. It takes about 4 hours to drive to Quebec City from Burlington, Vermont. Last time I went I actually flew from Denver into Quebec City, rented a car, drove to Vermont to visit my grandmaand drove back to spend some time in Quebec.

Except for a mildly confused US Border agent, I had no problems taking the rental car over the border at all. I had done my homework ahead of time. I specifically rented from Hertzbecause when calling ahead, they promised me I could freely drive their cars over the border without problems, as long as I had my rental paperwork. It has a decent amount of flights each week connecting it with other Canadian and US cities.

I rented my car straight from the Hertz car rental at the Quebec City airport. The rest of Quebec is… well, keep reading…. Related: 3 Reasons to Visit Canada in Skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, food and drink tasting, festivals, museums, fishing, cruising, rafting, climbing, ziplining… here are some specific ideas:. It celebrated its 50th year inand I got to attend for 3 nights. There are at least 10 stages and hundreds of performances throughout the festival.

Can t even find a decent Jonquiere, Quebec

It happens every July! Quebec is a front-runner in the via ferrata scene in North America. And counting. I highly recommend Palissades de Charlevoix via ferratawhich includes a suspension bridge and rappel that will certainly get your blood pumping. Listen to my podcast about it! Rent a car and drive north from Quebec City into Charlevoix, and go explore. There you can hike, camp, fish, canoe, cruise, kayak, and more at this park and in the park next door Parc National des Grands Jardins.

You can kayak, hike, or try a thrilling via ferrata in the Parc National du Fjord-du-Saguenay. The water here is black, something that only happens when fresh meets brackish.

Can t even find a decent Jonquiere, Quebec

We saw one curious sea lion on our excursion. Grab the ferry from Baie-Sainte-Catherine towards Tadoussac, which is a free ferry and runs all year long. From grizzlies to ostriches to tigers and everything in between, even rescued raccoons, there are plenty of animals to see. This zoo rescues animals from all over the world, go and learn about what they do, and support their efforts. Great fun for the family. Quebec has hundreds of kilometers of beautifully maintained bike trails. I can recommend two specific places for you to explore.

The Blueberry Trail in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean winds through miles and miles of countryside, with possibilities to stop at local cheese shops and breweries. Microbrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean is a great place to stop for lunch and try some local brews. Rent bikes with Cyclo Servicesnear the water in downtown Quebec City. Bonus fact: this office is right across the street from a great farmers market! Quebec is known for its terroir. This is why renting a car is the best way to go, because you can pull over and stop for fresh cheese curds whenever you see them!

In Charlevoix, try the Laiterie Charlevoix where you can stop for cheese and ice cream tastings, and the Miellerie du Cratere de Charlevoix for honey tastings. Poutine is essentially a pile of french fries and cheese curds slathered in gravy. Many chefs take this a few steps further, adding their own ingredients, which basically means you could eat a different style of poutine every day with no need to feel guilty!

While delicious poutine abounds in Quebec, my personal favorite came from a place called Le Chic Shack like Shake Shack, only Quebecois. Quebec is quite progressive in its craft beer scene. You may have heard of Unibroue, a famous brewery with beers such as La Fin du Monde, Blanche de Chambly, and others, but these barely scratch the surface of delicious beers found in Quebec.

Anywhere you see. The hostel in La Malbaie see below is a great place to taste test some carefully selected local beers while listening to music, open mic night, or whatever they have going on at the hostel that day. Quebec amazes me. Parlez vous francais? Neither do I, yet.

But you can learn French here in Quebec! Right in our own backyard, you can immerse yourself in this beautiful language, taking classes online or with private teachers or even in public settings. Do a quick Google search for the plethora of options. Just outside of Quebec City is Montmorency Falls, which you can rent a bike and cycle to, drive, or take a bus there to spend a few hours. For the more adventurous, hop on one of the three via ferrata routes on the far side of the falls. Quebec City is the only walled city in North America and it carries an old-world European vibe.

Let me put it into perspective for you: on July 1,Canada celebrated its th birthday. Meanwhile, back inQuebec City celebrated its th. Walking through its streets, eating its food, and speaking its language, you would think you were in Europe, but that is the beauty of Quebec! Attention astronomy nerds! Did you know that Charlevoix actually exists in a massive crater?

In La Malbaie, there is a museum there where you can go and learn about the crater, as well as other craters that are like it around the world. If you manage to go on a clear night, you can take advantage of their telescope out back to explore the night sky. I recommend this as a surprisingly fun stop if you happen to be staying in La Malbaie.

The ro are well maintained, and you can be north of Quebec City and into the beautiful countryside within hours of leaving the US. Remember, if you choose to fly into Quebec, rent a car at the airport and start your journey from there. Resource: View other hostels and alternative lodging options in the Charlevoix region. As always, all opinions are my own.

Last Updated On: January 23, My first sunset over the Saguenay River on the 48th parallel was enough to make me feel both welcomed and already at home in Quebec. This post contains affiliate links. My first night in Saguenay. Watching Muse close out the FEQ. My third via ferrata was quite a success! View from the top in Charlevoix. This is me cuddling an Arctic Wolf puppy. Enough said. Well-maintained bike trails abound in Quebec.

Can t even find a decent Jonquiere, Quebec

Hiked this baby 3, ft up a cliff. Well worth the weight. The old mill at Val Jalbert. Tags bike touringbikingcraft beercyclingfoodforeign languagefrenchhikingkayakingmusicroad tripvia ferratawhale watchingzipline.

Can t even find a decent Jonquiere, Quebec

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The drive to Saguenay Fjord pays off in cheese curds, views, and kindness