Doberman puppies for sale with docked tails

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Apr 26, As you all already know it's illegal to dock Dobermans in the UK and the Republic of Ireland so the only option for me is to import a Doberman to get one docked legally. I've seen quite a few offering cropped and docked but I'm only after the latter, does anybody know any good breeders in the UK that have imported puppies with their tails only docked?

Do you think the breeders who offer Dobermans cropped and docked would be bothered if you contacted them and explained you only want the puppies to be docked only? I'm not wanting to read any replies giving me a rant why docking is cruel, horrible, wrong and so on I've heard this all before, that is your opinion. In my opinion, Dobermans are better to be docked and I prefer Dobermans with the tail docked.

Thank you. ed Jan 10, Why would you want two pups at the same time? It's four times the work to raise them properly, and avoid littermate syndrome. A good breeder would be very unlikely to sell two pups at the same time to you, or even sell you "a" puppy with another young dog in the house. ed Sep 30, Some members here do have natural dogs but aren't rabid about leaving every Doberman natural. ed Dec 28, Read up on littermate syndrome.

VZ-Doberman said:. ed Apr 19, I probably wouldnt get a puppy from someone in the UK who imports them from a breeder and then sells them. Why use a middle man?

Doberman puppies for sale with docked tails

I would want to meet the breeder myself. If i wanted a docked puppy i would find a breeder i liked and fly over to Europe to meet the breeder then drive over to pick the puppy up. There are lots of breeders who dont crop but still dock because cropping isnt legal in all European countries. You just need to find a reputable one that does all the health testing. ed Jun 15, I didnt realise you were wanting 2 puppies. Please read up on littermate syndrome.

Okay, I've read the article. Either way, even when getting the two dogs at separate times the same case appears for both since its illegal to dock now in the UK and Ireland. I've seen a few adverts of "cropped and docked" imported puppies but I only want the Dobermans to be docked, do you think if I contact the breeder and explain my preference, do you think there will be any problems?

I can see that in Europe both France and Hungary are unrestricted for tail docking. It seems Englaterra Dobermans imports the Dobermans from Hunnoterra Dobermanns based in Hungary, so just contact them and explain I want the puppy to only be docked and there shouldn't be a problem?

Doberman puppies for sale with docked tails

ed Mar 14, One's more than enough to turn your life upside down! AmyS said:. ed Apr 2, You could try sending a PM to Iceman. I am in the UK and like i said earlier I wouldnt be buying from a middle man, a lot of 'middle men' import puppies because they know they can sell a cropped and docked dog for a lot more money and i would question a breeder that would send their puppies over here to then be sold on by someone else. If it was me I would find a breeder i liked and go get the puppy myself.

I see a lot of litters in europe where some of the puppies in the litter have been docked and others left natural and its up to you if you would like the breeder to have the ears cropped. There are some show people in the UK who have imported puppies so it might be a good idea to go to some shows and meet some uk breeders and they will have a better idea of which breeders in europe are reputable.

RedFawnRising said:. Perhaps go to some Doberman events there in the UK, meet some good breeders and their dogs, and see if a tail really is a deal breaker for you. If it remains so, perhaps they will have some contacts and suggestions out of the country for you. Kaela said:. ed Nov 4, That is just the way it is in this breed. I've already seen Dobermans in the street with tails and it looks absolutely awful and they do not even look like a Doberman in my opinion. I only want my Dobermans to be docked. I only want my Dobermans to be docked ed Jan 26, Go with a rescue.

ed Jan 31, Hi AmyS, I've just written a long post to you and been timed out so will try and summarise my comments. First of all Welcome to the forum. Whilst we all have different opions, views and preferences, I find your comment about natural dobes to be derogatory and offensive to many members of this forum. There is nothing wrong with wanting a docked dobe, but it is out of order to knock other people's loving companions by saying they look awful. Back to the matter in hand. Yes you can import a purely docked Doberman and most good breeders will not have an issue with this as long as you specify when you put your name down on a wait list.

I wish I had of realised how important this is when I got my boy, we have dealt with so many issues which could of been avoided. We are experienced dog owners I grew up with a dobe and then went in to have a male Akita for 13 years, my so have had 5 GSD's.

I love Maximus and would never want to be without him, but would I get an imported dog again, no I wouldn't. Take your time and consider your options. There are also lots of docked dobes in rescue facilities, perhaps something to consider as you can see the charecter of the dog and you miss all of the destructive puppy stage.

Whatever route you choose I am sure you will be happy with a dobeman they are fantastic dogs. Good luck and stay on here, lots of good advice and support to be had. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. A forum community dedicated to doberman owners and enthusiasts. Come the discussion about breeding, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! Explore Our Forums. Recommended Communities. Our Beagle World Forums.

Doberman puppies for sale with docked tails

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Doberman puppies for sale with docked tails

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