Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

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In our hot tub installation guide you will find all the costs, specs and details for installing a hot tub inside or outside your house! Footprint: The area that will be covered by the facility, that is, the hot tub and its associated gazebo or slab area.

Pump: The device that moves water or air through the hot tub system. It should be able to withstand high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. The sump pump is a special pump for draining water out of the hot tub. Pad: The solid cushioned surface for placing heavy, delicate, or slippery objects, for example for a hot tub. An anti-slip pad protects hot tub users from slipping when walking in and out of the hot tub. Winterize: To prevent freezing of water during winter.

EPS: The expanded polystyrene foam is a lightweight thermos-insulating material used in the manufacture of hot tub covers. It improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body thorough sweating, and has therapeutic benefits. And the little ones love it too.

You do not have a natural spa in your neighborhood, but you can create one in your backyard — a hot tub! But a hot tub does not come cheap. Above ground hot tubs are made from cedar, oak, or redwood and they are easily dismantled for transportation.

Acrylic hot tubs are the most expensive and are built as one heavy piece. They are also expensive to install. Notable manufacturers of hot tubs include. The hot tub has a of associated costs which are often higher than the cost of the tub itself. A reinforced cement slab is necessary to support the weight of the hot tub. A quick breakdown is shown below. Thermo-covers are essential for insulating the above ground hot tub. They lock the heat inside, protect the water from contamination, and protect the outer bodywork of the hot tub from the elements.

Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

Cover prices vary greatly from quality to quality. Covers are custom-made to suit individual hot tubs. After taking the essential measurements, you order the cover from a cover manufacturer and through a dealer. Cover prices from Hot Tub Works are shown below.

Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

Before you go out to purchase that hot tub, you need to make a of choices, each with its own cost implication. You need to choose between portable and fixed, indoor and outdoor, above ground and in-ground, and whether to DIY or get a contractor. You also have to decide on the of users, choice of material used, size of the tub, features, quality, and so on. Each choice has cost implications.

If you have an awkward space or need a uniquely deed hot tub, then you can have it custom-made. At GCA you can choose a shell of a hot tub and have it customized to your taste. You can choose the of jets to have, to add underwater or cabinet lighting, to install an anti-microorganism UV protection, type of filtration, to have sound and aromatherapy system.

You also get to decide on the amount of cabinet insulation that suits your locality. Alternatively you can simply pick a hot tub from the range of standard models — it costs much less. The off-the-shelf hot tub is cheaper to buy because it is standardized and mass-produced, which lowers its cost of production. A custom-made hot tub is a high-end product that is individually manufactured and therefore bound to be expensive. A high-end hot tub is laden with technology that monitors water conditions such as temperature, pressure, pH, and clarity.

It also controls individual jets for each user. It controls the lighting and sound system. An in-ground hot tub is expensive to install as it involves many processes and days of excavation, concrete filling, and working in a limited space. The excavated soil is dumped on the lawn and affects the landscape. Building materials for the foundation have to be trucked in. They include gravel, sand, and cement for building the foundation and side walls.

Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

The ground will be improved by finishing it with stone, tiles, or bricks. The in-ground hot tub is more durable, appealing, and it raises the resale value of a property. Meanwhile, an above the ground hot tub is cheaper to buy and install because it comes in standard styles, is mounted on the surface, takes just a day or two to install, does away with the sump pump, and uses overhead wiring.

The hot tub can be installed on a pre-built deck or concrete surface. It is partly portable because you can dismantle and relocate it to a new home. However, the above ground hot tub is not elegant in the backyard and it requires anti-slip stairs to climb into and out of the tub.

Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

The in-ground hot tub is heated by either electricity or gas. And it is not as energy efficient as the above ground hot tub. An indoor hot tub requires a specially conditioned room that has to be reinforced on the floor, the walls and floor be waterproofed, the room be dehumidified and well ventilated, and have an access other than the living room. Although costly to install, the indoor hot tub is usable in all seasons. An outdoor hot tub is deed to blend in with the rest of the landscape. It is also expensive to install where installation may take between one and five weeks, must be covered when not in use, but the biggest drawback is that it cannot be used in bad weather.

It may seem like the most logical improvement you can make to your patio area is the installation of a hot tub or spa. Luckily, there are alternatives to the in-ground style that are not only less expensive, but also more practical. In this section, we will outline the two main options for homeowners in the market for hot tubs on a budget, the hard-side portable tub, and the inflatable models. Both have their own pros and cons depending on what exactly you are looking for, as well as a ificant variance in price.

That said, each is affordable by comparison to in-ground systems, and they afford owners the added luxury of changing their minds with regard to relocation. When considering the purchase of a hot tub or spa system, it is a good idea to consider inflatable models for the cost and ease of installation benefit. Not only are these tubs super easy to move around the patio until you have located that perfect spot, but they are also surprisingly inexpensive. Because these hot tubs are inflatable, they are extremely easy to inflate and pack away seasonally.

Many hot tub and spa owners dread the end of the season when they are forced to close and winterize their tubs the same way they would a pool. With an inflatable hot tub, this is not necessary.

Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

Simply drain the tub, deflate it, and pack it away in your basement or garage until you are ready to use again! Another highlight of the inflatable tub is the soft, cushiony surface on the interior surface of the tub. This makes for a fabulously comfortable and relaxing experience that is absolutely stock to the tub itself, unlike some of the hard side tubs, which require owners to purchase additional products in order to mimic the same level of comfort and seating. You might still be wondering about the durability of the inflatable tub. Trust me when I tell you, this is not a kiddie pool, capable of popping and deflating at the slightest sharp edge.

Inflatable tubs are typically made of PVC or vinyl material that is built to withstand the outdoors and any contact point it might make in a reasonably natural setting. Having considered the pros, it is hard to imagine there is a hot tub option on the market that is better than the inflatable models. Before you take out your credit card, though, it is important to think about some of the areas in which the inflatable tub falls short.

Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

While the inside surface is soft, most models do now have seating built in. Instead, when using the pool, you would end up leaning against the edge or sitting flush to the ground. This could be fine for you, but it also means submerging your entire body each time you use your tub. In addition to seating issuesmost tubs are deed so that when the bubbles are running, the heat pump stops. Inflatable hot tubs also do not offer many additional features. Some models come with covers, but accoutrements such as lighting are often hard to come by.

The biggest issue with inflatable tubs is contingent on where you live and what your expected hot tub use is like. Most inflatable models cannot be used and stored outside in temperatures less than forty degrees fahrenheit. This is in part because of the materials used to manufacture the soft, hollow bellied surfaces that are tough enough to hold multiple people and a couple hundred gallons of water.

This means that if you are someone living in an area that experiences particularly harsh winters, and part of your vision is to use your tub outdoors, even on cold nights, the inflatable hot tub is not for you. That said, it is perfectly reasonable to store these outside for summer use only, or even bring the tub back inside to a mud or sunroom as the temperature begins to drop. That way you can enjoy the relaxation your hot tub has to offer year round. The other option for homeowners looking to spice up their backyard barbecues late night relaxation in the hot tub is the hard side, plastic tub.

The pros to these model tubs are fairly substantial. First and foremost, they are hard plastic, as the name suggests. That means installation is as simple as plugging them in and filling them up. Despite being solid, they are still very much portable.

Electrician cost to hook up hot tub

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