Free german shepherd puppies in california

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Free german shepherd puppies in california

SCGSR has rescued and placed over 1, animals. Our rescues include German Shepherds, Great Danes, Poodles, many mixed breeds, cats and kittens, a chicken, and even a boa constrictor. SCGSR specializes in helping ill and unadoptable abandoned pets regain health and places them in caring forever homes.

Together, we can envision a day when companion animals will no longer face inhumane treatment, abandonment or perish in shelters. Visit just some of our more remarkable rescues here. For more information visit our About. SCGSR is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners, volunteers and adopters and supporting local health and government leaders. This has impacted our adoption process and our ability to rescue as we are not using boarding.

Thank you for working with us to continue to rescue needy dogs. Latest News and Updates. Ellie Rescued! She had fleas and ticks and was starving. Ellie has now had surgery and is healing still in a cast and beginning to thrive. At first…. Phoebe Adopted! The shelter sent us a request to help little Phoebe.

She was found abandoned and alone with no water or food. She had parasites of every kind, including Sarcoptic Mange — highly contagious to other animals and to people. She was terrified…. Kenny and Nita Recovered and Adopted! Abandoned and sick, uncared for puppies like Kenny and Nita who where undernourished, had a very high parasite load, and whose small bodies were starved for nutrition, found themselves in the shelter with a triple whammy.

Kenny and Nita Rescued! These two babies found themselves in the local shelter, feeling very sick. They were literally filled with parasites, they were boney and congested and had no other options beside rescue. Kenzie Blue Rescued! Kenzie Blue is a darling, tiny Husky look-a-like. Kiana Rescued! This little beauty wound up in the shelter as a stray. She was 4 months old but the size of a 2 month old puppy, she was starved and in terrible condition.

She was also in pain and having trouble…. Samantha Rescued and Adopted! Samantha was a 3 month old puppy who was callously discarded like trash.

Free german shepherd puppies in california

Dumped in a shopping center, she watched her family drive away. A shopkeeper called animal control and Samantha landed in our safety net. And as if in…. Rocky adopted! Our big beautiful youngster Rocky has left his sad past behind and gone to a brand new life of being adored! Congratulations to Rocky and his new family, and many thanks to your foster family! Skye Adopted! Skye is happily adopted and living the good life in her forever home. Thanks to all who helped her!

Free german shepherd puppies in california

Skye urgently needs our help. This 3 month old baby husky came to us today from the shelter with two broken…. Petey Adopted! Our super sweet Petey got his forever home! He came to SCGSR needing emergency surgery, we patched him up, then he needed a special surgery for his neuter. Xena Adopted! She was blind and nearly feral. Our volunteers worked hard to socialize and train Xena and the reward was fantastic. It turned out that she had likely had a…. Tucker Adopted! This precious 6 month old baby came from the shelter at 4 months old, already neglected and very sick.

This sweet boy deserves a wonderful life and we were happy to help help him find….

Free german shepherd puppies in california

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