Hot pools northland

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Things to Do. The following list introduces you to the very best hot pools and hot springs, both in Auckland and across the upper North Island. Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, there is a great deal of tectonic activity throughout the country. Some cities are geothermally very active — like Rotoruawhere the crust of the earth is ificantly thinner than in other parts of the world. Other parts of the country experience the odd earthquake Wellington, for example or have a of volcanoes Auckland.

In areas where the crust is thin, the mantle sits much closer to the earth. Here, water under the surface of the crust is warmed before making its way to the surface in the form of hot water. When this is combined with cool water, the result is a natural hot spring. Other natural hot springs are formed when volcanic underground water reservoirs heat the water within them. Again, this water makes its way to the surface, ready for us to enjoy.

Regardless of the manner in which the water is heated, these natural hot-water sources are known to contain a wide range of naturally occurring minerals. This water is known for its health benefits. Natural hot springs are warmed using geothermal energy from inside the Earth. This water is hot, without any need for human intervention. By comparison, the water in hot pools is heated manually.

Without human intervention, this water would be cold. The Auckland hot pools mentioned in this article offer all of the benefits that come with hot water including relaxation and the release of muscle tensionhowever, the water in these pools does not contain the same minerals that are found in naturally occurring hot springs. To ensure the water in commercial hot pools and hot springs is kept safe for swimmers, a of different strategies are used. Some pools choose to add chlorine or salt to prevent the spread of bugs, whilst others have filtration and sanitisation systems in place. If you choose to swim at a natural hot spring, as found in the bush or at some of our geothermal beachesyou will find the water is, of course, completely untreated.

When doing so, it is recommended to keep your head above the water. Warm water, like that which is found in hot springs, is prone to bugs. Without filtration and treatment, it is safest to soak below your shoulders only. The hot springs in New Zealand are an incredible natural resource and fortunately, we have many of them across Auckland and the upper North Island. A firm family favourite, Parakai Springs is an easy drive from the city. Gas BBQs are available for hire and guests are welcome to bring their own food. Monday — Sunday, 10 am — 6 pm.

Hot pools northland

Open days a year including Christmas Day. Free parking onsite. Additional pricing available. Most impressive though, are the semi-private rock pools.

Hot pools northland

As you would expect, Palm Springs also has a well-stocked cafe serving drinks and meals and also has a picnic area and BBQ facilities. Easily accessible, the Kaitoke Hot Springswhich are located on Great Barrier Island are the first of the completely natural hot springs on this list.

Walking from Whangaparapara Road, the track takes approximately minutes to complete one way and is even pushchair friendly which means you can easily take even the smallest of kids! With warm water and a stunning outlook, the Kaitoke Hot Springs are a real slice of Kiwi paradise! This is one of the best natural hot springs in Auckland. Walk along until just before Peach Tree Track. Cross right on over though and head downstream until you find a smaller creek on the right.

Follow that creek briefly until you find the Peach Tree Hot Springs.

Hot pools northland

These pools were dug by early gum diggers and are beautifully private. Guests jump into individual pods where they float their worries away. These are anything but your average family-friendly swimming pools. Each pod contains water warmed to This combination ensures that guests float, completely in-sync with their surroundings, almost unable to tell where the water starts and ends. With water only 30cm deep, the Epsom-salt solution is incredibly buoyant. Guest slip into their private pod, close the hatch and enjoy a period of pure relaxation.

Whether it be to relaxing music, or complete silence, the pods are deed to block out most, if not all of your senses. If Float Culture is deed for parents to destress, then Mount Albert Aquatic Centre sits on the opposite side of the spectrum. Another spot popular amongst families, the West Wave Pool and Leisure Centre has plenty to keep the kids entertained. Perfect for swimming laps, the pools welcome both leisure swimmers and serious competitors alike. With renovated facilities, swimmers can make the most of this gorgeous year-old building whilst still being comfortable.

Climb over the sand dunes and down to the the high-tide mark actually, just a touch beyond it. The water is lovely and warm but varies depending on the location. Facilities at Kawhia Beach are fairly limited. The car park has an old changing room and toilet but not much else. The Opal Hot Springs have a of both private and public pools. Additional pricing available, including family passes. The Te Aroha Mineral Spas are a beautiful haven for adults looking to relax.

Now, guests can unwind in their own private wooden tubs, benefiting from this amazing natural resource. These pools are the ultimate in private luxury. Each room comes complete with its own ensuite bathroom and controls to allow you complete control of the water temperature. Should you choose, a fantastic range of additional spa treatments including massages, scrubs and wraps are also available. Pricing is based on the day of the week and length of time you wish to spend in the spa.

Additional times and prices are available. For safety reasons, they require a minimum of two people per booking.

Hot pools northland

With a lap pool, toddlers pool and spa, Swimzone Te Aroha is another well-rounded hot pool in the Waikato. After your workout, jump in the spa pool. This is the perfect place to soak tired muscles and relax before taking on the rest of the day. Do you have young ones in your family? It slowly slopes away, making it suitable for children of all ages and had a fun fountain.

Weekdays : Excercise 7 am — 10 am. General access 10 am — 6 pm. Weekends : General access 10 am — 7 pm. With three mineral hot springs, this is the perfect place to relax. Open seven days a week: 7.

Hot pools northland

Accessible m down the pathway, through the trees. Changing rooms and toilets available down by the hot springs. An easy drive from Auckland, Waingaro Hot Springs is another real hit amongst families. With the longest water slide in the country and a speedy camel-hump hydro-slide, this place is serious about fun! Set amongst beautiful parklands, we suggest taking a gourmet picnic and making the most of a sunny afternoon with your family.

Monday — Friday 9. Weekends — 9. Relax, soak up the serenity and return to Auckland rejuvenated. A real Kiwi treasure, Hot Water Beach is the perfect place to take visitors from abroad. Natural hot water will flow through the sand, providing you with the perfect place to relax for a few hours. Take a pew with your newfound friends and enjoy paradise!

Hot pools northland

If not, there are some available to rent at the beach. We also suggest packing a picnic and really making a day of it. Another family favourite, the Miranda Hot Springs are close enough to Auckland to make a day trip easy, even with youngsters. These hot springs were used well before European settlers arrived in New Zealand. The original and existing pool was build inand to this day, remains a popular destination in the region.

The largest of their pools is a massive 47m x 17m! Should you prefer, four private spa pools are also available for hire. Just like many of the Auckland hot springs, Miranda also has coin-operated BBQs available for guests and a well-stocked cafe. Open daily from 9 am — 6 pm. In the wintertime, these hours extend to 9 pm. Surcharges apply on public holidays. Please note: Miranda Hot Springs is currently being renovated and is closed. Check their website for updates. Having spent 16, years underground, it emerges pristine and beautifully warm — ready for you to enjoy. Once considered lost, the spring itself was rediscovered in It now welcomes guests from all around New Zealand and the world.

Sunday — Thursday : am — pm. Last entrance at 5. Friday — Saturday : am — pm. Last entrance at 7. Like the Bay of Plenty, Taupo is known for its geothermal activity. The region is a great place to visit, be it for a long weekend or holiday. New Zealand is blessed to have geothermally heated water that bubbles to the surface in the form of hot springs.

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Hot pools northland

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Hot pools northland

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7 top favourite hot mineral pools to visit in the North Island