House call massage services singapore

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House call massage services singapore

Everyone can use a pampering and rejuvenating treatment now and then. Albeit the problem seems complicated, there is a simple solution. There are various Singapore services you can check to have a masseur or masseuse come to you instead of the other way around. Best Local Services. Featured Businesses. Massage beds deed for ladies bearing children : If you are in advanced pregnancy, you know well how lying on your stomach is awkward. Its specialists have convenient beds in which expectant mothers can comfortably lie while pampering themselves. Therapists work until after midnight : Arranging a massage service at wee hours is a piece of cake with The Outcall Spa.

Schedule a home massage until 1am or 2am, depending on the day. All prices are final, no extra charges : Prices you find on their website include everything, from traveling to oils and other massage essentials.

Read full review. Certified and experienced masseurs and masseuses : Aleyda Mobile Spa selects only the most talented candidates to its ranks.

House call massage services singapore

Its massage specialists have relevant knowledge in their little fingers. They know deep-tissue techniques well, how to press to break knots, and are happy to explain the procedure to their customers. They bring the entire equipment : When you schedule a massage with these professionals, they bring everything needed for treatment.

The company offers a range of spa packages : Aleyda Mobile Spa is quite versatile regarding packages. Besides home service, which encompasses regular and postnatal massage, you can choose between spa parties and office and event services. Whenever an emergency arises, their masseurs and masseuses will come quickly. Depending on the time you make a call, you may get your invigorating wellness treatment on the same day. Besides massage therapy, the business offers manicure and pedicure treatments : To fix your nails besides weary muscles, order an all-in-one spa treatment in the comfort of your home.

You can schedule a massage almost any time : Chakra Tantra Massage allows you to appoint a wellness treatment any time of the day except early to mid-morning 3am — 10am.

House call massage services singapore

There are several massages you can choose from : Depending on your needs, you can choose between several massage types. Couples treatments bring partners closer : Even if you or your spouse work long hours, you can still reintroduce romance to your life. For the best experience, try body, Yoni, or Sacred Spot massage.

Refer to the xe. Note that only cash is the available payment method. You can schedule a minute massage : In the busy world we live in today, every minute counts. And Massage On The Go is aware of this since it offers quick spa treatments to its clients. Unlike most other service providers that provide minute and longer massages, this one allows you to make, and minute appointments. Quite enough for quick rejuvenation and to get you going.

Masseurs and masseuses are highly attentive and professional : According to reviews, professionals working for this reputable company pay attention to everything. This in customers feeling restored and pampered even after a short service. Frequently Asked Questions about Singapore. Can foreigners buy property in Singapore?

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House call massage services singapore

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