Intp enfj dating

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Apr 2, ed Apr 5, I mentioned it on another thread, but my boyfriend is an ENFJ. We work really well together, despite disagreeing on almost everything. There are a lot of reasons why we work as a couple, and not all of them have to do with our personality type, but I think alot of it is that his strengths are my weaknesses and vice-versa.

We cover each other really well. I remind him to stop trying to fix everything all the time, and he pulls me out of my own head.

Intp enfj dating

We both got divorced at the same time which is how we got together. He provided a much needed emotional framework for me to work through the very chaotic emotions I was experiencing, and I provided an objective and rational view of his situation and reminded him when he was letting it get out of hand.

There are a lot of things about him that I admire. He has tremendous ambition and he's always planning on how to achieve his goals. He gets along with almost everyone. He can walk into a room of strangers and have them voting him as their leader before the night is out.

He can explain to me, in a way I understand, why people act irrationally at times. We have our problems, of course. He drives me up a wall with his mood changes because then he changes his whole outlook on life.

Intp enfj dating

He worries me when he gets all depressed because he hasn't been looking after his own needs again. He takes our debates personally when the idea doesn't even occur to me. I know that I come across as cold to him sometimes, and my love of debate can get on his nerves. For me, the fact that he works so hard to get to know me is really what attracts me to him. Somehow, and how he does it is a mystery to me, he gets me talking about myself. ed Dec 1, I'm just basing this off one friend who tested ENFJ It would be a great connection if she felt more reliable! ed Aug 5, I have a good idea why.

They both use iNtuition to collect and gather ideas from the environment. The process afterwards is different, but still quite similar.

Intp enfj dating

They work in theory, and since both types are attracted to it, they are innately curious about one other. In one hand, you have the INTP, a vagabond for thoughts. Often an extremely capable logician, an INTP can easily become unconcerned about its surroundings, and may reject basic human needs such as health, hygiene and neatness.

This is where the ENFJ comes along.

Intp enfj dating

The ENFJ, a natural born attendant, is often looking for people who it can aid not only in concrete manners, but also bringing support and direction to people in need. Who better than the INTP, who is capable of being satisfied with its life without these, let alone having someone to help them with it? An ENFJ is naturally sympathetic and a leader. They can provide a soft hand that can rule the world. Few did she know, her friend had just described exactly what an ENFJ is perfectly able to do. The problem with their approach comes from the lack of independent thought.

Often, they are willing to put their needs before the needs of others. Why an INTP? Because it is the expert of systems, thoughts and independence.

Intp enfj dating

ed Feb 3, The relationship between these two types is described as " Pedagogue - each is both the other's mentor and student; has a "parent to child" feel. Each is strong where the other is weak while they have mutual understanding. Unfortunately there is little opportunity for interaction because we work opposite shifts. I am attracted because he is very nice and has an air of depth, humility and intelligence.

ed Mar 30, We fit each other like puzzle pieces. When no one understands what I'm saying, she does, and she really pulls me out of my head. Our parents just stare when we are together And roll their eyes. ed Apr 20, Jorge said:. ed Jan 27, But yea. I'm jealous of you guys. You two are my favorite types. ed Jul 21, I hate to be nitpicky ENFJ's make judgements on the world and perceive themselves. You make judgements on your self and perceive the world. It's opposing.

So to say you perceive the world in the same way I am afraid is a litttttle incorrect. I also think you guys connect because you both of Fe and Ti but you use them in drastically different ways. The enfj's knowledge of the self and Not only that Both are driven by a unique perspective and somewhat idealistic vision of how the world could be. They frequently share a passion for the arts, for innovation, and for creative expression in their lives. Some of their best times together are spent discussing their ideas or enjoying a concert, movie, museum, or lecture. The source of their initial attraction is often their many and ificant differences.

They admire their partners' energy and social confidence and respect their insights and understanding of what makes people tick. Many ENFJs admire their partners' resourceful way of solving problems and find their original ideas exciting and stimulating. ENFJs credit their partners with helping them gather more information before forming their opinions.

Intp enfj dating

For their part, ENFJs help INTPs become more aware of their feelings and more willing to express them, as well as more sensitive to the needs of others. ed Apr 11, Lightleggy said:. ed Apr 10, I think we oddly understand each other's points and he uses Fe to boost my own Fe, so we can be very considerate and such towards eachother.

Intp enfj dating

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Compatibility of ENFJ with INTP in Relationships