Looking for shy petite girl to form a relationship

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Whether opposites attract or similar personalities come together, love is in the air. Thinking of our favorite shows and anime, we often develop a liking towards pairings of characters, shipping them or wishing they would become a couple. Many shows can focus on a variety of genres, but it is nice to have a dash of romance to spice things up. Seeing two characters fall in love makes fangirls and fanboys squeal, laugh, and sometimes cry either tears of joy or sadness. This list includes the 50 best cute anime couples we love most.

In order to be included on this list, couples MUST be officially canon or more than heavily implied to be considered. So without further ado, here are the 50 best anime couples of all-time:. Makise Kurisu and Okabe Rintaro are proof of this theory, and many others in the world of science, time travel, and love. Makise Kurisu, a scientist visiting Japan for a conference, meets university student Okabe by chance. She is saved by a text and soon connects with him over their mutual love for science. Although they start out bickering with each other, romance blossoms over their discoveries and long hours at the lab.

One particular scene between them in the lab depicts their true feelings as they kiss and express their undying love toward one another.

Looking for shy petite girl to form a relationship

Kurisu also shows much love to Okabe, and they connect, even though fate and multiple worldlines try to stop them. Viktor and Yuuri are a couple that was born to make history. In a world of sports anime with implied homosexual relationships, Viktor and Yuuri stand out as being a realistic pairing in the show Yuri on Ice.

Not only are their interactions realistic, you can tell how much they care for each other throughout their entire journey. Viktor gives Yuuri confidence in a healthy way, trying to get him to realize his true potential. Yuuri falls in love with Viktor and realizes that they both need each other, forming a mutually healthy relationship that shines throughout the series.

Risa and Otani are two students who get along and share a lot of similar interests, however, Risa is the tallest girl in the class while Otani is the shortest boy. Together, they make a hilarious pairing and are often considered the comedic relief of the class.

Bickering turns into true love, and the pairing really emphasizes the message of challenging stereotypes and norms. Plus, they are a super cute anime couple especially when they fangirl and fanboy over their favorite menu items, rapper, and fun events throughout the year. Although Otani can be a jerk at times, he really cares for Koizumi and they fit well together. In the serious world of Full Metal Alchemistromance can still bloom, especially over the long journey Ed takes.

After a devastating accident involving transmutation, Edward Elric, an amateur alchemist, decided to travel the world to become a master of alchemy. Winry Rockbell, a mechanic with a big heart, was always there to help Ed, even crafting an artificial arm for him when he lost it during childhood. Throughout the long series, their feelings for each other blossom and eventually lead to a proposal. We also included FMA brotherhood on our list of the 21 best fantasy anime of all-time. Ryuuji, a high school boy who has a scary look connects with the small but furious Taiga Aisaka.

Taiga is a tsundere, one who acts cold but gradually warms up over time. Their relationship is genuine and absolutely adorable. Relationship goals. From the creators of Toradora comes a romance that is more relatable to adults and those who just kicked off their college life.

Although many anime focus on high school relationships, Golden Time shifts the emphasis to those beginning their university life. Overwhelmed with the of clubs and classes, Banri runs into Koko one day, who holds a bouquet of flowers. Although Banri struggles with regaining his lost memories and Koko deals with her childhood friend leaving her behind, they find each other in their new journey of life, complementing one another. Some say that odd couples can be the best, and Celty x Shinra certainly prove that. Although there are some slip-ups and secrets along the way, the two are made for each other and complement the other half.

What if you asked your crush out and there was a horrible misunderstanding? Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun takes this idea to a whole new level when Chiyo, a high school girl, decided to confess her love. After she works up the courage, Nozaki hands her an autograph much to her confusion. It is then revealed that Nozaki is a well-known shoujo manga artist.

Over time, it is hinted that he may develop feelings for her, but we need another season for that. See Also: New Animated Movies. Gurren Lagann is considered an anime classic with well-written characters and an intriguing, crazy universe that starts underground. When Simon and Kamina make their way from their village beneath the surface, they eventually meet Yoko, a sniper girl. However, as time goes on, the two develop genuine affection and feelings for one another, sharing a kiss on the battlefield. Their outgoing personalities complement one another, and they make a fantastic couple in the series.

Speaking of Gurren Lagann, there is another couple that really stands out in the series. Main character Simon starts off as a shy, reserved boy who lets himself get pushed around in the beginning. However, as time goes on, his character develops tremendously, as he becomes more confident.

Through his wacky adventures, he meets Nia, a nice girl who also becomes a very strong character. Although Nia does not understand the ways of humans, she eventually learns through Simon and the power of Dai Gurren. Eventually, Simon proposes and they get married in a very emotionally charged scene. Known as an emotional anime, Angel Beats has its fair share of tearjerking moments, especially between the main characters.

In this world, those who have died on earth are stuck in a high school limbo, trying to find their way to pass on. The SSS brigade struggles to fight against god in order to take revenge on the taking of their lives. One of their enemies is Angel, a mysterious white-haired girl who fights against them using supernatural powers.

Looking for shy petite girl to form a relationship

As time goes on, Otonashi is drawn to Angel who reveals her real name to be Kanade Tachibana. When he discovers how he died, he works with her in order to help others pass on from limbo. Kanade, who initially seems emotionless, warms up to Otonashi and the SSS brigade, falling in love along the way. Their relationship dynamic makes for a very emotional love story, where they eventually meet in another life. Hinata Hideki and Yui not only interact well with one another but have one of the most touching moments in the series.

When passing on, the characters confess their love for one another, showing how deeply they feel. Yui, the outgoing singer, and Hinata, the loveable goofball have great chemistry and reveal that they never hated one another, despite their antics. In the beginning, they always feel like fighting. However, when their past is revealed, they begin to open up with one another, establishing great communication. Some claim that Clannad has one of the best romance stories of all time, making it a top contender for having one of the best romances in anime history.

Meet Tomoya, a delinquent boy who has a negative outlook on life. Throughout Clannadhe learns how to appreciate family and friends. When he meets Nagisa, she teaches him how to find love in life, despite the past. She is a nice and caring girl who suffers from a mysterious illness. After being abused and forced to play the piano, Kousei forgets what it is like to enjoy life and blocks out music from his life. However, when Kaori, a fellow musician, appears one day, everything changes. She is the ray of sunshine in his life who teaches him how to love music once again, as well as how to love others.

After falling in love with Kaori, Kousei and her develop a relationship. However, tragedy sadly strikes towards the end. Even so, the recital of love plays on. Shoujos are also usually told in the perspective of a female falling in love. However, that is not always the case.

In My Love Storythe main couple breaks boundaries with an unconventionally attractive male lead with a big heart. Gouda meets Yamato one day and instantly falls for the cute, petite girl. For years upon years and episode upon episode of this demon animefans have been waiting for the moment that Hinata and Naruto would end up together.

Looking for shy petite girl to form a relationship

Acting as a primary love interest for the ninja, Hinata crushed on Naruto for a very long time, only for her love to be reciprocated after his long journey. As a couple, both Naruto and Hinata share considerable character development from start to finish, and many fans are satisfied with them. The pairing even ends up having a son, named Boruto, who continues the legacy through his own movie and adventures. This anime is a unique shounen series, even with its romances.

Although many would expect the main character Tatsumi to fall for the other main character Akame, events transpire and Mine comes into the picture. Like many of her tsundere counterparts from other anime, Mine comes off as harsh and cold, eventually warming up to the protagonist.

Looking for shy petite girl to form a relationship

While living lives as assassins, both feel the immediate need to protect one another in battles of Night Raid and beyond. Through Tatsumi, Mine reveals a different side, and the two share an amazing bond even through all the tragedies that tear Night Raid apart. In a world inhabited by gods and goddesses, humans live in the realm where spirits reside.

However, when one human sees a god who looked like a human, she decided to risk her life for him which resulted in her soul separating from her body. The two have great chemistry.

Looking for shy petite girl to form a relationship

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