Real fighters matchmaking

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Matchmaking is really one of the main keys to running any professional combat-sports organization. Outside of the talent, the people who make the fights are the single most important individuals associated with any organization. They help guide the careers of every fighter who comes into the promotion.

The care, focus, professionalism and progressiveness — or lack thereof — that they show in regards to any particular fighter can essentially make or break them. This will result in bigger paydays and a bigger platform to perform on, which in turn helps crossover and sponsorship opportunities. On a personal level, it provides the fighter with a chance to find out how good they are and essentially legitimize their career, regardless of the financial outcome.

Winning matters more. Winning at the highest level and becoming a champion matters most. Camps benefit from matchmaking, because part of a camp developing a brand is exposure, exposure is based on how many platforms you can get on, and the best exposure comes as a result of performing consistently and at a high level. A camp that has a lot of good fighters who compete purely at a regional level or lower have a hard cap on their exposure and how they are perceived by the larger community. Once one fighter gets into the show, assuming they can win or engage in exciting fights, then it is more likely that the team will have more opportunities to send other fighters into the organization.

Once a team has a reputation for creating fighters who compete in top-tier events, it increases the popularity of the gym as it pertains to the general public and in the MMA community. Not only did these men affect the bottom line, they changed the career arc of other fighters at the gym who, by being a part of the camp, were allowed better opportunities.

Ask yourself how many guys Team Alpha Male has in the top organizations. How many top prospects have come through their doors because this camp produces guys who get to compete at the highest levels in the biggest organizations? For a promotion to stand out as the best, it has to attract the best talent. However, talent moves. Worse yet, talent gets mishandled all the time. Every level of fighter has a role to play, and they all impact the career arc of the fighters around them.

Therefore, any attempt at building a brand is lost. When these things happen, organizations lose momentum, talent and interest from the public. There are two types of fights : fun fights, where the fights are focused on providing action, dramatic swings and spectacular, and in some cases brutal, finishes.

They are there to bring in fans, create repeat customers and make money. Then there are the important fights. Instead, these fights have high stakes. A ranking, contendership or championship will be won or lost in these affairs. Good matchmakers blend both types of fights into a card.

Real fighters matchmaking

It is a must for a promotion. The best matchmakers create fights that are a combination of high stakes and fun action. They might also find a way to take a limited prospect and keep him busy with a variety of types and talents which force him to round out his game, stay sharp and eventually dethrone a legend.

They could also take a fairly limited name fighter and give him the fights that turn him from a popular fighter into must-see TV — think of someone like Nick Diaz.

Real fighters matchmaking

Matchmakers will follow one rule almost all of the time. They create fights where we will learn something about both fighters. We might find out someone is a frontrunner. A fighter might be revealed as one-dimensional, or having no cage IQ. Perhaps the fighter has a good or bad corner. He or she is trying to prove, disprove or establish a narrative about a fighter. In the best fights, we learn whether what we thought about a fighter is true or false. The impact of this type of matchmaking is twofold. Part of the pleasure in observing is finding out what will happen when someone goes up against a certain style, talent level, or experience level.

When these factors are erased, it kills any momentum, excitement or legitimacy a fighter has with fans, media and other fighters. Worse yet, it kills their ability to grow. When they are in certain spots, they will be exposed. Bad matchmaking can ruin veterans, too. A matchmaker can put a vet in too tough a spot and waste the last vestiges of celebrity they have, on top of having them lose against people with no hope of developing past a certain level.

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Real fighters matchmaking

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Real fighters matchmaking

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