Simple pickup texting

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PUA writers Pick-up artists at their best provide valuable information for average guys to learn to interact with and understand women. At worst — they teach manipulation tactics, sex-obsession, and outcome dependence. Learning to communicate effectively with the ladies is a life-skill. Get this trick into your bag of skills, because you can then move onto the other problem areas in your life. All things that can help later on in life — no matter what type of relationship you end up getting into. Master the skill, and move on.

That being said, here is how to improve your effectiveness with just a minimal amount of massaging the situation. Sometimes 5 minutes — sometimes 5 hours. Sometimes 12 hours. You should be busy — do it too many times. Ask a few women. Keep her engaged by making yourself a little bit scarce. If you can do this without bombarding your audience every two seconds; that will demonstrate real value.

The point is to send her messages at spaced out intervals, to help keep it exciting. Plus you should genuinely be busy working on your mission, and improving your life situation. Long after the glamour of being good with women has worn off — you will need to fund your life and find meaningful ways to live. This realization alone makes you a better version of yourself. There is simply more to life than getting laid. And realizing this actually gets you laid even more often.

I took a little while to get back to her on the first text; then many hours later on the following ones. You can break that and stand out from most guys by being a little bit unavailable and harder to figure out from the jump. Do remember that women are typically the ones who like to shine — and be appreciated — in a dating context.

Notice below how I use the below conversation to build excitement, while keeping it brief and building up her desire. This is not even remotely true. If she senses that you are not easily bent over, she will be willing — and excited — to go along with your desires. Anything worth having is a challenge to obtain. Be sure to keep spacing out your responses, as well. Imagine that, instead of wooing a woman, you were playing a game of poker. The result will be what it is, and then the game will eventually start over.

For her, half the fun is HOW you get there. Create that excitement by creating a small level of tension. The high-value man does not place his value in women — which regular PUA texting game basically espouses. Women are attracted to high-value, and seek attention from that high-value individual. The more flowery language you use, the more she will unconsciously perceive you as being feminine, or beta.

Resist the urge to text with her endlessly. Texting all day is only for relationships, and for with her Girlfriends. You should of course have a small amount of chit-chat with her first to warm up the commincation, but always text with a purpose. She can text her girlfriends any time she wants for quick validation.

You are here to show her a good time. So unless you want to be her girlfriend, or end up buying the dinners and holding her purse, you need to avoid the trap of spilling your guts as seen in 2. Be the conversation leader; not merely a participant. Always acknowledge what she says, but focus on logistics. Get her out, or get her over. Within a few days of getting her you should be inviting her out to a bar, or for coffee. This is perhaps the last step to really expanding your text game.

It helps you space out sending your texts, focusing only on setting up logistics, and prevents too much mindless chatter. Once you master the whole game…. If you can put in the work on getting good at this, it will get so much easier. Being hard to read is interesting for this reason. Example: If someone gave you a free rolex on the street, you would think there was something wrong with it, or it was stolen. Think James Bond.

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Simple pickup texting

The antidote is to keep her at a distance. You need her to want you, and keep her guessing about your level of interest. No woman will respect a man who makes themselves too easily available to her. Especially the third point is the most important one. I see so many dudes, losing their self-esteem, losing their value, and licking girls asses and putting them on a pedestal. Thinking that this would help to achieve their desires with this girl.

Little do they know, that this is the worst thing to be done in front of not just a woman but in front of any person! By doing this, you are just sending a strong subliminal message to the other person, that they can treat you as crappy as they like. Which is bullsh t. Cheers brother. Please tell me what should I do. Please drop your Instagram ID and help me in my inbox.

Simple pickup texting

But please I need help. Simple answer for you: It is too late. She will never see you differently — move on and focus on improving yourself. You cannot make a woman feel attraction. You must create it by becoming a different man. I am not good in english but there were some points that u just laughed and said to my self: i love this man talking.

Great article. Enjoyed and learned a lot. My own problem is that im not enough attractive to open and start sth. Not that shy but simply not attractive. What ever. Im tring and you helped me. Reading you was joyfull. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. YOU are the man in the arena. We challenge you: become the BEST you can be. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone. By ing up you consent to receiving messages, and may unsubscribe at any time. Please review our privacy policy for more details.

Simple pickup texting

Home What is R. Improve your Texting Riseabovelifestyle. Introduction PUA writers Pick-up artists at their best provide valuable information for average guys to learn to interact with and understand women. Keep in mind — this advice is only for situations where things are going well. Create some desire.

Desire is one of the main elements in any romantic or sexual relationship. I promise you, this works. Like a good movie trailer — you need to build some excitement. Check out the time stamps on this exchange. I wait 3 hours, then leave her hanging overnight.

Insert details about how the information is going to be processed. Hey Kat, what info are you looking for — not sure from your comment.

Simple pickup texting

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