Traits of filipino men

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It may be true that certain nationalities have worse attitudes or habits, but why pick on them? Such negative Filipino traits earn us a negative reputation and paint the country in a bad light. Of course, not all Filipinos share these bad qualities but if you feel offended reading any of the items below, maybe you fall into this segment of the society who needs improvement in attitudes and outlook in life.

If not, good for you. When someone celebrates birthday, graduation, or winning the lotto in the neighborhood, the party lasts through deep in the night, keeping neighbors awake by the noise of an out-of-tune videoke singer. On the road, inconsiderate drivers blow their horns every 24 seconds, make a U-turn at prohibited areas, and rarely give way to other vehicles. Just because a poker game is among the few reasons to attract people to a grieving family is awake, the cards game is reluctantly introduced even against their will.

Even after agreeing to meet at a certain time, many Filipinos fail to fulfill itusing alibis as traffic, got caught up with something, or lost in the way, disregarding the feeling of someone who just complied with the agreed time. And hey, the videoke shop in the neighborhood needs to do its business and ignore everyone, disrespecting even when there is a prayer for a dead neighbor going on nearby.

Many Filipinos complain of being racially profiled eg. Or on Chinese neighbors who own bigger stores in the market as penny-pinchers. While they taunt and make fun of others back home, they complain as victims of discrimination abroad. While admittedly deeply religious people, many of us Filipinos are also living a life of hypocrisy or failure to walk the talk. Inside Quiapo church are devote religious people. But outside seems like a world away. There are shops that sell abortion formulas, clearly, defiance of church teachings — and an apparent that unwanted pregnancy is a common observation n the country.

On top of that, viewers in the Philippines are consistently ranked on top when it comes to accessing adult websites. We choose to fight back instead of changing our bad habits. That may be a reason we become a common topic of humor.

Traits of filipino men

Some Filipinos prefer to receive a few hundred pesos, two kilos of rice, or a shirt printed with a mug shot of an aspiring politician in exchange for votes running for office rather than resist temptation and bond together for a better society and governance. Yet they are the first to complain of poor governance, regardless of who is the President. Poor tricycle drivers are allowed to ply on dangerous streets — risking the lives and limbs of passengers — just to earn a living.

No wonder politicians often find it effective to plaster their faces everywhereno matter how shallow the idea is. When going to the market, some Filipinos prefer to take the motorized bike and pay a premium instead of a minute walk — to ensure he or she will not miss a favorite TV show. At the end of the day, they lament how a hundred peso bill could no longer be stretched. Ironically, to say that OFWs are not lazy is an understatement; overseas Filipinos are among the hardest working people on Earth, taking jobs others would likely ignore.

One thing that keeps unemployment high: half of the unemployed are not really looking for work. While not all of them are lazy, certainly the lack of drive to look for a job is partly caused by being lazy. Many Filipinos live off talking about the affairs of other people. A barrio councilor has bad breath. The baby of a close friend has a striking resemblance to the family driver.

No wonder many families are broken, trust lost and friendships gone awry because of people trying to get in the way. Proof: tabloids are selling like hotcakes. Pass laws that are easily broken: no smoking on jeepneys, no jaywalking on streets, picking flowers in the park, or peeing on fences, trees, or truck tires.

We throw our garbage anywhere, assuming that someone will fix our mess. Once a fledgling banana cue business becomes the talk of the barrio, everyone is riding the bandwagon and put up the same business. Eventually, every single banana cue business in the neighborhood fails and shuts down the operation. If someone gets promoted at work, some Filipinos are good at making up stories; did he date the supervisor?

Traits of filipino men

Did she sleep with the manager? It also exists in the form of protectionism. Insecurity or lack of creativity drives this attitude.

Traits of filipino men

A bright yet not well-connected job applicant never gets the job vacancy because it was reserved for a family member of an incumbent official or a reward for supporters of a candidate who just won in the elections. Eventually, he lands a job abroad and a foreign firm gets to benefit from his skills. Some Filipinos have the nerve to crash into wedding parties uninvited or show up at a birthday party because they were brought along by a friend of an invited friend.

Traits of filipino men

They enjoy free electricity supply through illegal connections or enjoying a bonanza of free water from busted pipes instead of reporting the apparent waste of scarce resources. When a Filipino is invited by a foreigner out for lunch, this Pinoy might bring along his kids, parents, and whatnot.

Traits of filipino men

Filipino politicians often change parties not because they found a better-principled group, but to gain something — power, money or fame. When momentum shifts, be prepared to jump ship and switch loyalty. Appointments are never meant to be on time as many Filipinos make it a habit of not making it on time. Meetings, parties, church services, and so on. Shall we blame others for this? Just got the job? Yeah, right. Worse, money remittance from OFWs is spent on luxuries and expenses like mobile phones, cars, and jewelry they can brag to friends instead of investment like farm lots or small businesses.

In many cases, nothing was allocated for savings or investment. When OFWs come home, families find it hard to explain where money was spent. There is no problem bragging if one can back it up.

Traits of filipino men

But the problem begins when such actions conceal the reality. Some Filipinos have a lot of things negative to say about the Philippines. The government is corrupt.

Traits of filipino men

The airport stinks. Filipinos are always late. The Philippines remains laggard among its Southeast Asian neighbors. We also must-have solutions to offer to remedy the problem of tardinessfixing the problems in our airports or rampant corruption. Of course, there are more than 17 of these bad habits and bad attitudes many Filipinos possess. On the flip side, there are many things we can be proud of as Filipinos and positive traits we should adopt at all times.

Philippine Profile. Last updated Oct 18, Here are some of the bad qualities possessed by many — not all — Filipinos. Table of Contents. You might also like. Prev Next.

Traits of filipino men

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