Websites for business professionals

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Many entrepreneur social network sites allow you to meet and interact with other business owners.

Websites for business professionals

Social media sites have been a part of daily life for many years now, and they are becoming critical for businesses as well. As a business owner, you may be searching for social networking sites tailored to entrepreneurs and issues related to growing their businesses, such as: Product Development, legal advice, and B2B Marketing. There are many out there, and the landscape is extremely fluid - while performing research for this blog, I discovered many sites were acquired, defunct, or shut down.

StartupNation has been around since and claims to be:. This large site has many sections and offers a wide array of resources for SMB owners. There is a forum section where you can ask or respond to questions posted there, and if you are a site member, you can groups and interact with other business owners.

Networking for Professionals was also founded in by professionals who wanted to fuse in-person and online networking with face-to-face meetings. Networking for Professionals also hosts in-person business networking events throughout many cities in the U.

Founders Network is a networking site for tech company founders and entrepreneurs. The site boasts a growing community of over members. The social networking site prides itself on fostering professional and personal relationships among its members. As a member, you will be able to learn from your peers, and can pass on your knowledge to others.

Websites for business professionals

In fact, the site itself claims it's a place to get support, not sell products. Vator short for innovator was launched in and has a vibrant community, blog, and news feed. The large site posts business news in the VatorNews section, and also has an area devoted to interviews with entrepreneurs and investors.

Websites for business professionals

Registering allows you to create your own company profile and interact with other members. Vator has a cool section that is completely dedicated to videos of members' companies and products. The newsletter includes resources, guides, and interviews with founders detailing their successful business strategies. As one subscriber wrote on their website:. Claiming over 10, members, the site is organized into a user-friendly interface where you can navigate through different topics via a left-side menu.

Members can post questions and comments, and there is a section of the site dedicated to business opportunities and other related inquires. ing is simple, and you can invite others to the group as well. Meetup is a networking site devoted to fostering local, offline groups dedicated to bettering group members' lives and the community at large. No list of social media sites for entrepreneurs would be complete without mentioning LinkedIn :. LinkedIn has been around since and allows business professionals to create personal and company s.

A true networking site, members can interact with other members on a personal level by writing recommendations, endorsements, and even sending InMails LinkedIn's branded version of. LinkedIn allows you to present a professional online image of yourself and your company, nicely supplementing any website s you already have.

Peer is an innovative social media app that takes advantage of video communications. The mobile app currently only offered on the App Store, but coming soon to Google Play and Desktop allows you to search member profiles on LinkedIn, view the profile on the app itself, and even video call the person through the simple click of a button within the app. Peer opens a new dimension in online social networking, allowing users to immediately speak with newly-discovered contacts over live video.

Upspring was created to help companies engage with their online audience, and assist owners in growing their businesses. An Upspring membership allows you to create a business profile and connect with other professionals or businesses on the site. The Upspring suite also connects to other social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, etc. Author's note: This list is not a Top 10 list of 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. It is simply a list of impactful entrepreneur social network sites created for owners' needs.

Please see the individual companies' websites for information on membership dues, if any. All Rights Reserved.

Websites for business professionals

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