Why do i worry about my boyfriend so much

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It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic. When a relationship causes anxietywe are groomed to believe our relationship anxiety is the problem. If we feel anxious, most of us believe we need to get ourselves under control lest we ruin our relationship. Something important that we needed to hear? Anxiety can actually be a powerful help to you, a sensitive tool we can use to pick up on potential threats to the things we care about most.

What we do with anxiety can make the difference between it being helpful, or harmful. Anxiety wants to be recognized, and understood. Social by nature, we are pulled powerfully to love, long to feel connected, and want to protect our connections when we secure them.

Anxiety and relationships go hand in hand. Fundamentally, anxiety means you care — we can only worry about things we care about — and relationships might be the most important thing to us. We care deeply about securing love, and keeping it safe. And we feel anxiety when love might be at risk. We want our relationships to work, and we also worry about not having them. When we worry about your anxious feelings it escalates anxiety, confuses us, and blurs the message we need to hear.

Anxiety can be just about you, and insecurities you bring to every relationship, or anxiety can reflect stresses in the relationship. Determining reasonable relationship anxiety from your own insecurity is important, and not always as simple as it sounds.

But fears and anxieties left over from our childhood or relationships can flare up in current relationships. This can make us more irritableless patient, and quicker to react. These are the stressors that deserve your attention, and your collective solutions. This is called overgeneralization, and it is a common symptom of elevated anxiety. If you are feeling stress in your life — even good stress like when you are striving for more — your relationship could be bearing the brunt of your increased distress about other things.

Beware of external pressures that can cause relationship anxiety. Family, friends, religious, and societal pressure can be real, and can lead to relationship anxiety. Expectations we take in from others can be insidious and often tough to differentiate from our own values. Pressure absorbed from others can create anxiety about needing to simply be in a relationship, often obscuring your focus on deciding whether this is the right relationship. Anxiety will continue to escalate until we address it. Instead of trying to ignore when your relationship causes anxiety, recognize the motivation it delivers to do something about the problem.

Are you worried about communication, constant unresolved fighting, betrayals of trust, or a lack of safety? Tuning into your rational concerns can deliver the information and energy you need to take constructive action. Contrary to popular belief, moderate anxiety can create the sweet spot of performance that allows us to strive for our best selves, and relationships.

Not too little, and not too much, moderate anxiety can be a trusted partner in helping us strive to be our best. Anxiety keeps us focused on the things that matter most. Not just in our personal lives, anxiety can be a trusted partner in our relationships as well.

When you are stressed, and your defenses are worn down, you can be more vulnerable to the negative symptoms of anxiety. Proper sleep, wholesome nutrition, and physical activity will help keep your body and mind healthy, so you can harness your relationship anxiety most effectively. No one has ever claimed anxiety is a picnic, and feeling scared and confused can be deeply unsettling. How you think about stress and anxiety determines how it will affect you according to science.

Anxiety plays dirty when it comes to grabbling our attention and motivating change. A professional therapist can help you detangle your feelings and work through the roadblocks that are holding you and your relationship back. Ultimately the goal of therapy is to help you understand yourself, and your relationships better, so that you can more clearly see and implement solutions that are needed.

If anxiety has become overwhelming, or you are struggling with feelings of hopelessness, here is where you can access immediate help now. It is normal to worry about even the healthiest relationships, especially if worry comes naturally or if we have had reason to worry in the past. When a relationship causes anxiety, try not to be spooked, or jump to the absolute worst conclusion. Thinking about anxiety as useful, rather than a nuisance, can help you use it constructively. Looking for more help managing anxiety?

Why do i worry about my boyfriend so much

Using exercises and simple explanations, this 6 module course will furnish you with the tools you need to fast-track taking control of anxiety right now. Offered at a huge discount for a limited time, claim your spot here.

Why do i worry about my boyfriend so much

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash. It causes him to say things to me he shldnt. My anxiety level is out the roof bc of lack of communication and care…. Hi Misty, thanks for your comment. It can be hard to understand what is happening with your anxiety and even harder to know what to do with it, especially if you are not feeling emotionally supported.

I hope you have other people who are supporting you in helping decide the best next steps. Wishing you all the best, Alicia. I had a relationship like that when younger. He only wanted to talk about his problems. If I brought up my point of views or thoughts he said not a big deal.

Why do i worry about my boyfriend so much

And even went as far as to say he would stop calling me if I didnt stop complaining that was the day I ran away…lol To this day I dont know if it was intentional since I had other abusive relationships happening but i still get anxiety thinking about it since I wanted to marry him. HiI really need help. I feel like its affecting me today. But today was a total back peddle. You see my communication has gotten better but my girlfriend still struggles to communicate. Long story short we had gotten into a disagreement and she turned up the volume over my voice.

Not only the energy but the music was so loud and I just wanted to apologize. Then I hit her with my hand on her shoulder. I grew up watching my mother get hit. I just want to feel heard. I need my feelings to matter. Why do women not listen when a man needs help. Pls I really need help I truly love this girl and it breaks my heart. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge where you are struggling, and noticing patterns repeating in your life you do not want. You did not deserve it, it was wrong, and love should never hurt. There is no excusing what happened.

Of course these experiences are part of you today, and stand ready to tempt you into the same behavioral patterns that feel familiar. This is one of the many ways unhealthy and violent patterns repeat themselves through generations. The bravest part of surviving trauma is learning how not to repeat it.

We may not be able to control what others do to us, or how others may make us feel, but we always have control over our behavior… This is what I sense you need help, and practice, with. The key in managing your anxiety and anger is in recognizing when you are getting activated, and rely on strategies that work for you to avoid channeling your anxiety and hurt into rage.

For everyone, this toolbox is different. But you need a toolbox. Whether in books, educational materials, anger management courses, or therapy, you will benefit from learning skills and tools to use when you are activated. And especially when you feel justified, or wronged, or misunderstood. These are your many buttons. Your past may have made you vulnerable to feeling particularly deep rage when you feel controlled or marginalized this is a normal reaction to your pastbut getting a handle on your feelings and how you react is the hard, brave, and rewarding work that is your present, and is yours to do.

Learning to communicate safely and finding ways to stop escalating situations will help you avoid resorting to the physical violence you were raised with. These skills need need to be learned, and practiced so they are there for you when you need them most under intense pressure. I hope you will use this as an opportunity to seek help. If you want to me for suggestions, I am happy to assist. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your story that I know will help others in its honesty.

The only person needing to work on self control is his lady… Because her trying to control a situation like that resorting to putting her hands on him while hes driving is wrong in so many ways. Hi hus I know this post is way way back but I am here today, really need help I have been really trying same with everyone else and the thing is I can keep my anxiety under control for sometime for like days or weeksand it keeps coming back, the thing is that it gets triggered by something I did not not getting reciprocated and it irritates and frustrates me a lot to the point that I get frantic and and struggles to breathe been being absent from work cause I felt being unappreciated and uncared.

Desperate for help here. I was in that kind of relationship…RUN!!!!! Run forest Run!!! Yes run! I keep going back to mine. Type of. But he syrts in whenwe wske up nd continues til we go to bedihve ptsd also andbe wil not stop even when i beg hi to. My anxiety come from a man I live with who can never be honest. Lies lies and more lies.

Can not afford to live alone. My anxiety has been threw the roof as to where I have to write someone and I start having tremors. I just wanted to thank you for writing this. Thank you!

Why do i worry about my boyfriend so much

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