Wife losing interest in me

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But now? The good news in all this? The reality here is that there are so many uncontrollable life factors As for the first step to turning things around, you have to understand why your partner is losing interest. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to broach the subject directly.

Wife losing interest in me

However, instead of coming out in attack mode, consider making an observation with a few questions. What about you? This opens up a healthy dialogue, giving you both the opportunity to share new ideas for how you could make the most of your time together. Alternatively, maybe your partner only agrees to date plans that aren't one-on-one. Rather than having a romantic dinner out for two or a cozy night in watching Netflix, you find yourself constantly on double dates or hanging with her friends.

Wife losing interest in me

Rather than accusing her of failing to make an effort, you could try hinting at something she used to do that you really appreciated. Think you could make that happen sometime? According to a study published in the journal BMJ Open, women are twice as likely as men to lose interest in sex while in a long-term relationship.

While both sexes naturally lost some desire with age, women were more likely to lose interest in sex when living with a partner or while in a relationship lasting over a year. She could also just not feel sexy enough these days to initiate intimacy. Again, the only way to know is to delicately approach the subject. In an ideal relationship, you and your partner both pull your weight in terms of planning fun dates, vacations, etc. Not only are you the only one putting this effort in, but she seems apprehensive about confirming plans.

One potential reason why your partner is hesitant to make plans beyond the next week or so? Every couple falls into their own rhythm where communication is concerned. Remember when you used to be the first person she called when something awful or terrible happened? These days, her BFF, sister, work buddy, or mom get all the big news before you do. According to Greene, this seemingly subtle change can sometimes al a lack of interest in you.

That said, she may not even realize that her actions are hurtful. In a totally non-accusatory way, you should consider sharing with her how it makes you feel when she shares ificant life updates with others before you, also probing about the exact reason for this change. But when it comes to having conversations about your relationship or your future together, she tends to dodge the topic or shut down. But the most important thing you can do?

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Wife losing interest in me

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Wife losing interest in me

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Wife losing interest in me Wife losing interest in me

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Is My Partner Losing Interest In Me?