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I went to a nude beach for the first time less then a month ago with my then girlfriend. We went to haulover beach in miami beach, florida. We spent a good portion of a friday and a sunday on the beach even though it was 10 miles from our hotel. It was really an eye opening experience which I'm glad I had so young 21 years old as it gave me a much better view of what people really look like in real life.

You don't just see the cream of the crop of body shapes If anyone is self-conscious about their body, I highly recomend that they go to a nude beach and see a better representation of the human body looks like. One not as skewed as mass media's representation. We did learn some important lessons though. The best time to go is on the weekends because there will be more families.

Be weary of the beach when the life gaurds are off duty from personal experience. Though I have to admit I was "checking" everybody else out. I did my best to be respectful and not stare. The key is to concentrate on how amazing it feels to be naked on a warm beach, not on those around you.

I never want to wear cloths at a beach again! For Stoddard's next grant, he ought to get Hooksexup to spring for a ticket to a nude beach in some other country or countries so he can repeat the same test he did at Sandy Hook. Americans are such perverts, it's no surprise that he ran into a bunch of leering jerkoffs and guys with bizzare fashion sense. Grant, you are terrific.

This was a very well written, funny and true to my own experiences right on target hit-the-mark of the nude beach. When I lived up there, I didn't go to Gunnison ever, I went to Robert Moses State Park, then strolled East out of that park to the area right in front of the Fire Island lighthouse, an "officially un-official" nude beach for years.

My female cousins showed it to me and often I went with them, or girlfriends. There the crowd was a lot of college girls from the Long Island suburbs, a lot of familes with kids and dogs, and as I always camped next to the vollyball net they dressed at least partially to play, abrasion being what it is I saw the same folks every time I went and many there were Nassau County cops and their wives and kids, believe it or not.

There was also a protective vibe in the air, when some leering twerp would plunk down, not nude of course, next to a blanketfull of girls, people from the surrounding blankets would come over and talk to them and just about kick sand in the guy's face until he was so uncomfortable he'd leave. I saw it all the time, and helped out myself, too. Your descriptions of your feelings both on the beach and in the water are accurate, swimming nude is the best, being in the ocean is the return to the womb and you never forget what that feels like.

Excellent job altogether, I really miss that beach right now!

Very interesting take on your trip to the nude beach. By the way your lady friend is gorgeous. Hope you can make it wuth her if that is what you both choose. I want to go to Haulover Beach in Miami Beach early next year with a lady friend who has done it before.

She is out of town and coming here in Feb Thanks for the "pointers". Wish me luck. It is positively vicious of Grant to have placed that wretched black band-aid over his bits and pieces. You were missing all the fishing boats off the beach "pretending" they are fishing. As usual, Grant, you are up to your same level of brilliance.

Great, great piece. Week in and week out, you are consistantly the best thing on Hooksexup. Keep up the good work. Thank you for showing what your mama gave ya. God bless you. I loved this piece. After reading, I made a commitment to myself to get naked more often and let my flesh be a little bit more exposed. I think being naked is one of those things that is a rite of passage and I love doing it whether its in the sheets or on a beach. One of your best, Grant. We needed an experiment that didn't disappoint you, as some of the others have. Joanna seems your best assistant yet, and I hope you'll consider bringing her on another adventure where her talents can again be put to good use.

Long live this column, perhaps the best thing Hooksexup's got. Very well written article but I found your choice of beach to use for your "experiment" disappointing. While there are many nude beaches at which overt sexual behavior is common there are many more where that isn't the case. You need to expand your experiment to include other beaches. At this beach there is very little overtly sexual behavior.

Many regulars will confront individuals who are engaging in sexual activities on the beach. If a discussion with an individual doesn't solve the problem the police or rangers are occasionally asked to deal with the situation. There is a very strong sense of community at this beach. Most visitors are very friendly and helpful. There are many beaches like this where one can go to enjoy the feel of the sun and water unencumbered by clothing without being bothered by sexual activity or gawkers.

Sexual activity at nude beaches should be discouraged whenever possible to help protect our rites to continue to visit these rare locations. Grant, was the nude beach sexually hot for you because of the nudity or because of Joanna. I am very modest but if you offered Joanna on a foray to a nude beach Needless to say the men want more Joanna. I did the same thing and had virtually the same experience you did at Sandy Hook.

I remember coating myself liberally in SPF 48, in places where "the sun don't shine" to avoid an embarrassing burn. Then I made the mistake of lying down on the sand. When I got up, I looked like a veal cutlet. Sand was sticking to me in places I didn't know I had. As a female in my early 30s who's been going to Gunnison beach regularly for 7 years, I have to disagree with the way you portrayed the intentions of most beach goers. I realize this was a study done from the perspective of someone who was new to being nude in public, but I'm afraid your perspective was a bit skewed due to your own suspicions.

You seemed to think that you and your female companion were being visual devoured by fellow beach-goers. I won't tell you that this doesn't happen, but I think your own understandable discomfort probably made you believe this was the case when that's usually not the norm. People are going to look at you if you are in front of them, just like if you were at the supermarket, but if they are regular nudists, they probably weren't taking much notice of you or your friend's genitalia. We've all seen it all. As far as there being a sexual overture at Gunnison, again, I think this was mostly in your mind.

You didn't actually SEE anything more provocative than your companion putting your sunscreen on your dick, right? Which by the way, isn't really cool to do there, since as you stated, you were perfectly capable of applying it yourself Even after pm, when the lifeguards leave, open sexuality is frowned upon at Gunnison.

People who enjoy going to that beach, and do it on a regular basis, are well-aware that blatant open sexuality will cause complaints, and therefore the possible closure of our beach, and therefore will speak up to any parties that could conceivably cause the rest of us problems. I hope that if you enjoyed your time at the beach, you will make it a point to visit more often and then you'll wind up with a better perspective of the people that go there and the goings on that actually occur.

In the meantime, please be careful that what you publish to the public doesn't attract the sort of people that might confuse a nude beach with an orgy type atmosphere. To find that, they might want to book a trip Hedonism in Jamaica. As a year old who has been to Gunnison Beach, NJ, one time, and pondered differences between something people and the so-called geriatrics, I offer the following: Yes, this beach is generally quiet and does not offer an overtly sexual atmosphere, but the ratio of men to women seemed I didn't count to be nearer This beach, and perhaps any place of public nudity, offers an object lesson in the benefits of maintaining a good body.

My experience is that physical appearance and well-being can be maintained, and sometimes enhanced, with a modest level of life-long effort and daily discipline.

Men and women have mistaken notions of what is doable for themselves and available in partners of the opposite sex. They do themselves and the opposite sex a disservice. You can look great and physically appealing in your 60's and 70's, and there are people of the opposite sex who have managed it. And I offer myself as an example of that conclusion. There are exceptional older folk out there who know how it is done and who nevertheless are subject to the prejudice of stereotyping.

Younger folk, and other folk, generally have unseeing eyes and minds.

Women wanting to get fucked hookgunnison beach sunday

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